World Trade Center Alaska

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1st Alaska-China Business Conference

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Greg Wolf, the executive director of
World Trade Center Alaska, organized
the event and served as the master of
ceremonies throughout the day.



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Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman welcomed
attendees and presented the
opening remark sat the conference.



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U.S. Commercial Service officer Bill Lawton presented
"Cracking the China Market:
Opportunities and Challenges"
during the morning session. Lawton served as
the Commercial Consul in Shanghai.


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Kevin Wilczynski, Regional International Sales Manager, discussed the rapid growth of
FedEx’s China
operations and the role
played by the Anchorage hub.


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Business, government and education leaders
from across the state
attended the one-day conference.



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Protecting your company’s intellectual property rights in China
was the topic of Tim Browning’s informative presentation. Browning is an attorney-advisor with the
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, DC.