World Trade Center Alaska

3rd Annual World Trade Center Alaska 2006 Statewide Economic Forecast Luncheon

January 18, 2006

WTCAK 2006 Statewide Economic Forecast Luncheon draws 500 attendees!

It was 11:20 a.m. and a line had already formed. Extra seating had been added to accommodate the overflow of last minute reservations. Anticipation and excitement was definitely in the air when the doors opened at the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel’s Howard Rock ballroom on Wednesday morning. Through those doors came 500 business, government and civic leaders who filled the ballroom to hear the 2006 WTCAK Statewide Economic Forecast and to learn about how the rapidly rising economies of China and India will impact Alaska and the rest of the country. They also gathered to hear the latest report on Alaska’s overseas exports, a growing sector that contributes more than $3.5 billion to the Alaskan economy. It was an information-rich event that did not disappoint. Attendees received an informative, timely, inside view of how the Alaskan economy will take shape in 2006 and an outline on how international trade is playing such an important role in helping to strengthen and diversify the state’s economy.

If you were unable to attend, you can view the power-point presentations that were presented at the luncheon by clicking on the following links below:

Statewide Economic Review and 2006 Forecast by Pat Burden, President of Northern Economics

Pacific Rim Update by Sanjiv Sanghvi, President and CEO of the Wells Fargo-HSBC Trade Bank, based in San Francisco

How Exports Benefit Alaska’s Economy by Greg Wolf, Executive Director of World Trade Center Alaska

Also, keep an eye on your e-mail in-box for information about how to purchase a copy of the full 2006 Statewide Economic Forecast. The report will include all of the graphs and charts plus expanded analysis on each major industry that could not be presented in its entirety at the luncheon.

Many thanks to Wells Fargo for their valuable sponsorship of this annual event. Also, special thanks to ASCG and Alaska Interstate Construction for sponsoring tables that enabled local university and high school students to attend the luncheon.

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Greg Wolf, the executive director of World Trade Center Alaska, organized the event and presented a report on Alaska’s international trade performance.

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Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman welcomed attendees and made the opening remarks.

Patw.jpg (116113 bytes)

Pat Burden, the President of Northern Economics, presented the 2006 Statewide Economic Forecast.

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Sanjiv Sanghvi, the president and CEO of Wells-Fargo Trade Bank in San Francisco, provided a Pacific Rim Update that focused on the impact of the economic rise of China and India.

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Some 500 business, government and civic leaders from across the state gathered at the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel’s Howard Rock Ballroom to hear the 2006 Forecast.